More Than Meets the Muscle

Muscle response testing (MRT)* is a means to communicate with the inner workings of the body; to get info on human function that is very difficult to obtain otherwise. It is getting very popular these days, and in various forms is used by everyone from neurologists to multilevel marketers. There are those who swear by it, and those who swear at it.

The phenomenon of muscle testing operates through interactions between mind, nerve, and muscle (ideomotor action). Some form of stimulus is posed to a person being tested, and a “yes/no” answer is obtained from the quality of their muscle response. This site will discuss the nature of the muscle response testing phenomenon; but as with any skill: training and practice are required to make MRT a useful tool for you.

* There are many terms used to describe the same process: muscle testing, muscle response testing, manual muscle testing, muscle reflex testing, energy testing, muscle energy testing, etc.


What Are You Looking For?

• Are you looking for a way to communicate with the body’s intelligence for personal or professional growth?
• Are you looking for a way to test that is faster than a pendulum or dowsing rod; or doesn’t require a device?
• Are you curious if scientific research disproves muscle testing; or do the criticisms actually provide insight in to how to test more accurately?
• Have you tried muscle testing, but can’t get it to work?
• Are you using it in your work, but want to develop deeper insight into the phenomenon?
• Have you found it difficult to explain what it is and how it works to your clients?
• Are you wondering why sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work?
• Are you wondering how to adapt it for use with musculoskeletal, nutritional, emotional or psychic applications?


Remember to Keep a Foot on the Ground…

The mechanics are so simple that anyone can quickly fool themselves into thinking they have mastered it. But over time, if you are paying attention, you will notice that there is much more involved in accurate testing than is apparent from the outer mechanics alone. MRT is used by people with different beliefs about what it is. These different paradigms translate into vastly different uses of MRT in practice: some are only interested in keeping MRT here and now, and use it for assessing musculosketetal conditions in the body. Some take it a step further, using it for nutritional assessment. Others use it in the realm of emotional clearing (energy psychology), and still others use it as psychic or dowsing tools. Keep in mind that MRT is not a magic crystal ball. It is an amplifier of your own intuition. It can be applied to anything, but you need to understand its nature, or you can easily delude yourself. To keep a foot in physical reality, learn the lessons discussed in the Nature of MRT section of this site, as you expand your applications of MRT.